Baltic Amber: What Is It And How Does It Work

If you’re a parent you have probably heard about Baltic amber and how it can help your teething child. Or, you may be wondering just what in the world it is and how a bunch of rocks can go anything at all to help your little one. Here is what you need to know.

What Is Baltic Amber?

First of all, what is amber? Amber is actually fossilized tree resin (sap). So why is it called Baltic Amber? Well, namely because this amber is from the Baltic Sea area.


How Can Baltic Amber Help?

This particular amber contains succinc acid. This may sound bad, but it’s actually a good thing. It’s what makes this amber so great! The succinc acid is what process all the amazing benefits that have the Baltic Amber teething necklaces so popular right now. It’s this acid that contains anti inflammatory properties and when your body temperature warms it up, it is then absorbed through your skin.

For kids, Baltic Amber can help with teething, colic, and other bodily pains. It can even help adults with migraines. 

Can I Just Make My Own Baltic Amber Necklace?

YES! You can make your own Baltic Amber necklace. Here’s what you need:

  1. Loose Baltic Amber beads
  2. Necklace string with a clasp

It’s as easy as fastening the clasp on the necklace string and then sliding the beads on! This whole task takes a maximum of 10 minutes to do and then you have yourself your very own Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for almost less than it would cost to purchase one. Plus, you have enough necklace string to make a few more!

Is Baltic Amber Safe For My Child?

My biggest stressor over the Baltic Amber teething necklaces is whether or not they are actually safe for my child.

Baltic Amber has great properties that can potentially help a child in pain, but due to the potential hazards, I DO NOT recommend using them as a pain relief method until your child is at least age 3 or older. However, even when they are older than 3, I still suggest that if your child is wearing one, that it be done with supervision and not overnight or during naps. 


9 Amazing and Affordable Developmental Toys For Babies

A child’s development is very important. It’s what every parent keeps an eye on and makes note of. Milestones are huge. First time grabbing a toy, first time playing with a toy, etc. are all marked by parents. If you’re looking for the best toys to help your child’s development then look no farther! Here are the top 9 affordable developmental toys for babies to help your child grow.


What Are Developmental Toys For Babies?

Developmental toys for babies are toys that support your child’s education and help promote the learning process. Children learn from literally everything around them so what’s the point of these special toys? A child can learn a lot from playing with a stick like how to grab onto it or learn how it feels but developmental toys promote more a deeper learning that a stick would. They help can help a child learn cause and effect, problem solving, textures, and more.

Best Affordable Developmental Toys For Babies

  1. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball. This toy is the best! The little nubs each have a different texture for your baby to explore and grab onto. It also has two clear nubs that have mirrors inside an little balls that rattle when shaken. My little one plays with this toy the most out of all her toys.
  2. Plush Giraffe Animal. This toy is great because it has a little of everything. It has different textures, makes different sounds, and can be used while teething. It can also hang on a car seat to entertain your child when you’re in the car.
  3. Floor Mirror. Floor mirrors are the best for tummy time. It helps a child learn to recognize their own face and it helps with their exploration. Mirrors like this are invaluable developmental toys for babies.
  4. Wrist Rattle & Foot Finder Socks. These are as educational as they are adorable! They help your child to ‘find’ their arms and feet. The bright colors and stripes help to engage your baby’s senses. Your child’s motor skills will also be activated by the fun sounds their wiggling parts will make!
  5. Bendy Ball. Little hands can easily grab onto this and shake away making this one of the best developmental toys for babies. It’s another toy that will serve to promote your child’s motor skills.
  6. Baby Water Mat. Babies love this toy! It’s wonderful for tummy time and entertains babies for a long while. Cause and effect learning is established when they see they can move the little fishies around!
  7. Baby Whoozit is another great toy for traveling. It can be easily attached onto a stroller or car seat easily and it’s bright colors attract a child’s attention. Each arm has a different noise making device that stimulates a child’s auditory senses. Plus, it also has a mirror!
  8. Big Top Discovery Cube. What an amazing developmental child’s toy! My baby LOVES this one. It has different textures, makes different sounds, and promotes exploration as well as cause and effect learning. It’s easy to grab onto as well.
  9. Crawl Ball. If your child is just starting to crawl then this is what you need!!! It will inspire them to work on their motor skills as they strive to crawl after it and ther causical skills once they get it. This toy is one of the best developmental toys for children and it will entertain them for hours.

Babies all learn differently. You don’t need to spend a lot on toys. Oftentimes just one toy will be enough for your child to learn and grow with. These toys are great for your child’s developmental process as well as great on your paycheck. These toys will effectively enhance your childs developmental process, entertain them, and save YOU a ton of money!

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Best Parenting Advice To Remember As A New Parent


Every new parent gets to the point of not knowing what to do. Seeking advice is okay! It doesn’t make you a bad parent. In fact it means quit the opposite. Seeking advice means you’re a concerned parent who is wanting to do the best they can for their little one and that makes you a pretty darn good parent. With that being said, parenting advice comes in many different forms and can come from many different people. Ultimately which advice you listen to is up to you. The saying “mother” knows Best didn’t start for no reason.

Parenting Advice To Remember

  1. It’s okay to not know everything
  2. It’s okay to admit that parenting is hard.
  3. Cherish every moment, even the hard ones because you WILL miss them when they are gone.
  4. It’s okay to need YOUR time.
  5. All your child wants is your love and affection.
  6. You don’t have to be the perfect person to be the best parent
  7. Only you get to decide what discipline is acceptable for your child. (Time out, grounding, etc.)
  8. What works for one parent doesn’t make it a fact and may not work for another.
  9. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.
  10. Don’t forget to spend time with your friends and family.
  11. You will get sleep again… years down the road.. but you will.
  12. Remember that your child learns from your words and actions. They watch you and soak everything up like a sponge.
  13. Each child is different.

Parenting Advice From Focus on the Family

Support can come from several different avenues, which can include internet resources. Focus on the Family highlights real life advice from parents that can help ease first time struggling parents. This parenting advice is also useful for veteran parents that just need a little reminder to appreciate the little things. They also have a wide variety of information on marriage, life challenges, other life challenges, and social issues that many may face.

Life, Hope & Truth Parenting Advice

Life, Hope & Truth provides great advice from real parents that really touches on what being a new parent is like. There are some dark times where you doubt that you can be a good parent or even a parent at all. It’s ok, you’re not alone and it gets easier. Parents will always be seeking advice on their own (Google is great, there’s less judgement) but none so much as in the first years of a child’s life.

Other Top Sources For Good Parenting Advice


Real Simple


Red Tricycle


Take It Or Leave It

In the end, whatever parenting advice you receive it’s up to you to decide on how you you use it or if you do. You have to decide what is right for you and in your situation. No two children are the same so no two parents are the same so you can take it or leave it. Parenting advice is just that, advice.

7 Surefire Ways To Reduce Parenting Stress

Being a parent can be a highly stressful job. So much goes into being a parent that it can be easy to lose sight of one’s own health. If you’re a brand new parent then you’re most likely focused on timely feedings and diaper changes. If you’re a veteran parent then you’re probably worried about your child’s safety among a hundred different other things. Don’t stress, there are 7 proven tactics that can help you reduce parenting stress.

1. Meditating to Reduce Parenting Stress

I know it my see like an impossible task as a parent but taking a moment to meditate can do wonders for helping you to calm the body down. By taking 1-10 minutes out of the day to just sit and breath, you can greatly reduce your parenting stress and only does taking a moment to breath help reduce the stress, you can also use this time to put things in perspective. That 1-10 minutes of time to just ‘be’ can calm the nerves and make the stresses of being a parent easier to handle.

2. Support System

Having a strong support system or a network of people that you can lean on is very important. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a support group just having someone to help you with the many challenges as well as be there for you can make all the difference. Studies show that by simply having a support system, you can reduce parenting stress and actually cope with life stressors better.

3. Laugh About It

Laughter is the best medicine. It has so many health benefits and among those benefits is the power to reduce stress. Not only will it brighten your day but it will brighten your child’s day as well. Laughter has been proven in many studies to be a great way to release stress and help a person’s healing process. Find a funny movie, read a funny book, or if your child is old enough, play a fun game. This will help you to reduce stress with the added bonus of making memories. If your child is too young to play a game then find something that typically makes you laugh and spend roughly five minutes doing that. This will help to relieve any tension you may be feeling and put you in the right mood to deal with the rest of your day.

4. You’re Not Alone

You don’t have to be perfect to be a good parent. Thinking that way will only add to your stress and not help you reduce parenting stress. Applaud yourself for what you have accomplished and know that you are not alone. Parenting is a learning process that takes time. What’s important to remember is that every parent gets stressed about one thing or another. What matters is that you are doing the best that you can.

5. Know Your Priorities

Know what is really important. Your child’s health and happiness should always be what is important in your life (along with your own health and happiness). Being present in their life should be one of your top priorities. It’s easy to get caught up in your career while trying to provide a wonderful life for your child or children but don’t forget to prioritize. Your child first and work second. Make it a point to spend 30 minutes with your child playing with them or talking to them.

6. Talk About It

The simple act of talking to someone can go a long way in reducing parenting stress. Getting the stress off of your chest by simply sharing your stressors is a great way to reduce parenting stress. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can write it all out on a piece of paper. Simply getting it out is a huge relief.

7. Make Lists

The power of list making is amazing. Lists can help you organize your thoughts which can help you destress. By writing everything down you can get the bigger picture and work towards a solution for what is causing your stress. Is it bills? If so, make a list of bills that are due. Finances can be a stress especially once you introduce your bundle of joy into this world or if your needing to purchase new sporting equipment for your child. Have you lost sight of your goals? Then make a list of your goals. This will help to keep you motivated. Feeling really stressed out? Make a list of what you are grateful for and this will help keep things in perspective, your love for your children. Regardless of what list you’re making, when you are done you will feel more in control and less stressed.


Parenting is one of the hardest jobs out there and it can be easy to get overwhelmed and stressed. It’s okay to feel this way. Every parent feels run down and stressed out at some point but by using these 7 tips you can greatly reduce parenting stress and even learn to cope with the stresses better.

Can You Prevent SIDS?

I recently had the typical new mom scare where you wake up and check your baby and have the sudden fear they are not breathing. I thought I was going to die and in a matter of seconds my heart shattered into a million pieces and my world was lost. Thankfully, my baby was still breathing and even grunted at me for poking her chubby cheek. But there are those out there who are not as lucky. My heart truly breaks for any parent who has gone through such a tragic ordeal. This lead me on a hunt for information on how to prevent SIDS.

What Is SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is heartbreaking to even think about. It’s as the name suggests, the sudden death of an infant with no explanation. No one knows why it happens or really how to prevent it from happening, so as a new mom this is a fear I live with.

Before I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t know much about it. In fact, I knew nothing about it until after giving birth to her. That’s when my husband actually mentioned it (where I proceeded to nod and agree like I knew what he was talking about). After my recent scare, I needed more information and I wanted to know all I could about how to prevent SIDS.

Facts About SIDS

  • According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute Of Child Health And Human Development, in 2014 alone 1,545 children died from SIDS and 90% of those deaths occurring before the child is six months old.
  • SIDS can happen to healthy babies.
  • The rate of deaths attributed to sides has decreased since 1990.
  • Smoking while pregnant increases the chances of SIDS threefold.
  • Males are more likely to be struck by SIDS.

Who Is At Risk

Mayo Clinic has a list of factors that can contribute to SIDS including the following:

  • Physical – Babies who have developmental difficulties or physical abnormalities are at a higher risk of SIDS.
  • Sleep environment – Co-sleeping can increase the chances of SIDS.
  • Risk Factors – Age, gender, race, family history, and being premature are several factors associated most commonly with SIDS.
  • Maternal – If the mother is young, a smoker, or alcohol or drug user, the chance of SIDS is increased.

Preventing SIDS

What every parent wants to know is how they can prevent such a tragedy from striking their family. Here are 5 ways you can reduce the chances of SIDS.

  1. Have your baby sleep on his/her back. Once doctors an pediatricians started recommending all babies sleep on their backs, the rate of SIDS decreased.
  2. Keep your baby’s crib or bassinet clear of all objects.
  3. Breastfeeding drastically lowers the chances of SIDS in the first 6 months.
  4. Monitoring your child’s temperature. Make sure to no overheat you child. Use a sleep sack to keep him/her warm.
  5. Once your child is able (at least 4 weeks of age if you are breastfeeding), offering a pacifier may prevent SIDS.

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Top 10 Best Baby Buys For New Parents

As a new mom, or a modern day mom if you will, I had no clue what I really needed to take care of a new child. I ended up buying a ton of stuff and only using a portion of it because, as it turned out, it wasn’t necessary. So, to prevent other new mommy’s from wasting their money, I have compiled a list of my absolute top 10 favorite and most used best baby buys for new parents and other modern day moms to date. These are the items that I couldn’t have done with out in the first few months of my little ones life. 

TOP 10 Best Baby Buys

  1. Dr. Brown’s Bottle BrushI LOVE this bottle cleaner. It’s all I use when it comes to cleaning bottles and even the containers for my breast pump. It fits everything! At the very end of it there is a sponge but further up it also has bristles. This brush thoroughly cleans my kid’s bottles. PLUS, the opposite end of the brush has a narrow nub that is used for cleaning the nipples of the bottles. Hands down this brush is awesome.
  2. The BoppyThis pillow is the best thing ever for breastfeeding, holding your child when your arms get tired, starting tummy time, propping your child up, literally everything. Not to mention there are so many different covers that you can get for it to match your style.
  3. A tub to bathe your new kiddo in is a must.

    This little tub has been the best for giving her baths! It has a seat that can be adjusted accordingly so she is comfortable. It’s so much easier than giving her a bath in the sink plus it’s easy to clean.
  4. You definitely want a diaper pail. I love my Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail it’s a diaper genie hack. The replacements are scented and you can’t even tell there is any stink in the room! One of the best things I got for the nursery. All of my ‘mom friends’ have commented on how great it is and they ended up getting one for their nursery.
  5. You must have a rocking chair. Hands down must have. I love my rocking chair to the moon and back.

    It’s so comfortable that even I fall asleep rocking my girl to ‘ni ni land’ (or it could just be because I’m exhausted).
  6. This car seat, stroller and base set is the best.

    It makes my life so so easy and as a new mom, easy is much needed. The base goes in your vehicle and you just click the car seat in and you go! Same goes for the stroller. I was shocked at how easy the stroller was to push in all types of terrain. I tested it in the grass, gravel, rocks, carpet, and of course pavement. It was so easy to push that I was able to use two fingers. I was also pleasantly surprised at the low price.
  7. This swing was amazing for keeping her asleep the first months of her life.

    Now, I strap her in it and she is content long enough for me to get stuff done around the house. Once my kid starts acting fussy, I strap her in her swing and voila! She goes to sleep. It has multiple swing speeds, night time music, daytime music, and sounds of nature all of which I can control the volume for. It can be rotated in different directions to be swung in AND it has a moving mobile that surrounds a mirror.
  8. I quickly found that a good carrying pack is a must-have. I love my Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier because it can be used front facing or rear facing. I strap her in and she just loves it! If you need to get things done around the house or you want to go for an outdoor adventure, a carrying pack is essential. This one is great because it can be used front facing and rear facing. I strap her in and she just loves it!
  9. Depending on the time of year your new bundle of joy is coming into the world, zip up onsie sleepers are the best! There are fleece sleepers or there are light cotton ones. There are also so many different kinds for both genders! However, take it from me and steer clear of the ones with snaps… You don’t want to try and change your newborn’s diaper at 2 a.m. and fight with those darn snaps while those cute little legs are kicking around.
  10. This pack-n-play is great for sleepovers, day trips, and camping trips!

    It’s easy to clean and comfortable too. Plus it comes with almost everything! Sometimes I will put my little girl down to bed in it instead of her crib for a nap. This one in particular also came with a changing station. I found it super lightweight, compact, and easy to put up.

Hope this top 10 best baby buys list helps you new modern day moms save some money! This is definitely something I wish I would have known about ahead of time. It would have saved me a ton of money!!!

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4 Annoying Signs That You May Be Suffering From Prego Brain

Let’s face it, it’s a fact of pregnancy, some of us just get really dumb. I faced this during my pregnancy. It started with a few little things here and there like forgetting what I walked in the kitchen for. As my pregnancy progressed it just continued to get worse and worse. This really made working difficult. My boss told me that we had a meeting at nine.. and I actually responded with, “p.m.?” Yea.. our office hours are 8a.m.-5p.m.

I was getting so ridiculous. I would ask the most obvious questions. It didn’t help that I was newer to my job either..

The worst part about suffering from prego brain (other than also being a blonde) was that I actually knew I was being dumb. I just couldn’t help it. It was awful! I don’t think I have ever felt so trapped. I started to feel like I was making excuses at work because of it, which didn’t sit well with me. I was definitely unaware that this could happen to me while being pregnant.

The Signs That You May Be Suffering From Prego Brain

  1. You start to forget little things. You may find yourself in your bedroom and walking into the living room only to forget why you were going to the living room. Or you may be telling a story to a friend and forget what you were saying mid story.. Or even why you were telling the story in the first place.
  2. Loss of focus. When suffering from prego brain you may start to notice an increased inability to focus on anything. This leads to the next sign.
  3. You respond to questions with “what?” because of your new struggle of losing focus. Your friends, family, or coworkers may be asking you questions about the pregnancy, work, personal life, etc. and you may find you are increasingly asking “what?” in reply.
  4. You become clumsy. If you’re starting to bump into things more often or find mysterious bruises.. You may start to find yourself suffering from prego brain as well.

Fun Facts About Suffering From Prego Brain

Some of the best information I found on suffering from prego brain was from WebMD. They discuss the topic based on studies done and ensure that nothing in your brain is permanently altered. The most likely cause of “prego brain” is a lack of sleep or stress, which is understandable.

It can last after pregnancy. Again, though it may not be a permanent thing, it can still linger after delivery.

There is a theory that your cause of prego brain is brought on by evolution. Meaning, the things you’re forgetting are not important to caring for your child, therefor why do you need to remember them? Your brain just shoves those thoughts out to make way for what you DO need to know. Like how to swaddle.

What You Can Do If You Are Suffering From Prego Brain

Have you found that your suffering from prego brain is starting to negatively impact your life? Here are a few tips on how you can cope with it during your pregnancy and after delivery.

  1. Bullet Journal. You can start a bullet journal to help you organize all of your thoughts and keep everything straight. It’s also a fun way to be creative and have some “you” time.
  2. Make Lists. If you don’t want to spend the time to bullet journal, the next best thing is to make lists. As soon as you think of something that needs to be done or something that needs to be purchased, write it down.  
  3. Repeat things. Afraid you’re going to forget something? Repeat it to yourself a few times. Though not as effective as list making, it can still work in a pinch.

If you are one of the many soon to be moms (or veteran mom returning to diaper duty), don’t fret! It isn’t permanent. As always, remember, you’re not alone!

Long Days And Late Nights

As a working mom who’s also working towards completing a bachelor’s degree, my life is nothing but long days and late nights. I literally fantasize about sleeping now. How do I make it through it all? With a lot of coffee and determination.

Coffee has been life since going back to work. Just give me an IV and let’s get going. But really, it’s the determination that gets me through it. I’m determined to have the life I want for my family. I tell myself my hard work will all pay off in the end and it’ll all be worth it. THAT is what keeps me going.

Having a baby is tough, especially for first-time parents, but throw in working full time and school? It’s a lot but I know I’m not alone in this. I see hard-working moms everywhere I look. Even stay at home moms. That’s a hard gig too. In the end, we are all just trying to provide the best kind of life we can for our children.

Best advice? Have a good care team in place. I have my mother and my husband who can watch my little one and allow me the time I need to get things done. Having a good care team is crucial to your mental/physical survival if you’re going to try and juggle work, school, washing your precious bits, and home life.

No matter what is on your plate, if you’re a new mom or a veteran mom, you have long days and late nights.

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How The Cry Of A Child Changed For Me

A child’s cry can mean many things: hunger, boredom, their cold, etc. What no one tells you is that your reaction to a crying child can completely change after you have your own.

Before I had my own child I admit it, I was a grinch when it came to the sound of a child crying. I’d roll my eyes and be annoyed. To be even more honest, the sound of a child’s cry would set me over the edge. It was next to the sound of nails on a chalkboard in my book.

Now, I have an even harder time hearing a child cry. It breaks my heart. What’s more, if MY child is crying, oh man. Nope. Can’t do it. It causes me such anxiety hearing my child cry. I’m told this is a normal thing. Thankfully, the anxious feeling I would get has since gone away but if my husband is holding our child and I hear her cry.. I have to walk away. It still eats away at my insides.

I hear that this feeling will only continue to level off but I silently miss the days when a child’s cry would make me annoyed.

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Astounding Products To Help A Teething Child

When teething kicks in around 3-4 months of age, what is a parent to do? Especially a first time parent! Man, let me tell you, this is the “fun” stage of a child’s life.. It’s hard to see your child suffering. You can feel helpless as well as more sleep deprived. So how can you help a teething child?

Should You Use Orajel To Help A Teething Child

The Orajel website has a ton of helpful information on teething. It isn’t recommended for children under 2 years of age because the benzocaine (an ingredient found in Orajel products) can numb your child’s gag reflex. If you are still planning to use Orajel, please consult your child’s doctor.

Alternatives That Can Help A Teething Child Under 2

If you’re uncomfortable using orajel to help a teething child, there are alternatives. There are several different homeopathic remedies that can be used in substitute of orajel.

  1. I currently use the homeopathic all natural Boiron Camilia, which has no benzocaine and safe for children 1 month or older. This stuff has been a lifesaver. It calms my baby down enough that she will eat when her teeth are really bothering her. It also helps her calm down enough to fall asleep. I absolutely love this stuff!!! It doesn’t hurt that it’s super affordable too! 🙂
  2. Nuby All Natural Teething Gel is also a good alternative to orajel. It’s safe for babies 4 months and older which is great because that’s about the time teething starts. I like this one because it comes with a nuby chewer that you can put the gel in and have your teething child chew on. It saves with the fuss of trying to rub the gel on your child’s gums yourself.
  3. Babyganics Teething Gel Pods are really similar to the nuby teething gel but still work well. It comes with little q-tips to dip in the gel pods and then you gently rub it onto your child’s gums.

I have used all 3 of these products with success in helping my teething child make it through this ‘fun’ stage of life. Whether you want to use orajel or an alternative method that’s up to you. If you’re ever unsure of how to best help your teething child it’s always best to consult your kids pediatrician.